As utility companies are faced with an aging workforce, a large portion of their senior technicians are expected to retire in the next year. How do you capture, retain, and leverage this knowledge and experience? BITHGROUP Technologies developed an Interactive Virtual Reality Gas Leak Training module that trains and tests technicians on locating potential gas leaks. The workforce that is being recruited today is already familiar with Virtual Reality. We worked with the senior gas leak staff to capture their knowledge and experience to develop various training scenarios that can be used to train current and future gas leak technicians. The training covers the required PPE, the use of equipment, and tools to test and verify where the leak resides. We developed training scenarios covering meter leaks, ground leaks, and inside leaks. The trainees are inside a Virtual Reality Headset and walking through the gas leak call as if they are out in the field responding to a call. Using VR for this training process allows a safe and adaptable virtual environment to train and test users, which features multiple variables and outcomes to properly reflect real-world scenarios.