IT Services For Educational Entities

BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc. is currently providing technical and engineering support to Maryland State Department of Education in the maintenance of their Child Care Administration Tracking System (CCATS). During the implementation phase, BITHGROUP Technologies provided Help Desk operations for the transition of the system from the Maryland Department of Human Resources to Maryland State Department of Education. This help desk supports 600+ end users. BITHGROUP also assisted with training of both local and remote staff. Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to: project management, analysis, system troubleshooting, integration, testing, training, maintenance, documentation and administration services for CCATS.

IT Services For Educational Entities

BITHGROUP provides on-site technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Provide application help desk support to approximately 600+ employees and remote users via telephone and email.
  • Develop and provide training materials and training for 600+ end users.
  • Identify and conduct testing analysis to determine network bottlenecks and develop alternative solutions to address unacceptable application response times.
  • Provide monthly helpdesk status report to track all defect/work order activities while keeping management aware of any major changes to application.
  • Prepare Acceptance Test Evaluation Criteria; managed acceptance testing process.
  • Assess and report on Acceptance Test results of modification and defect process.
  • Provide analysis for modification and defect solutions, documented modifications, and defects, and submit documents to program leads and CCB for review and approval
  • Review defect and modification time/cost estimates provided from the vendor.
  • Conduct various user group training sessions to provide the employees with CCATS

Customer Quotes:

Quote from a former state official:

“BITHGROUP Technologies provides creative innovative customized solutions by taking the time to listen to their customer and to understand what they want and need.  Helping the customer to be able to provide better services to their constituency than they were able to provide before they implemented the new technology.”

Quote from a former mayor:

“BITHGROUP Technologies has provided IT services to the City of Baltimore helping the city move into the 21st century from a technological arena.”